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Spring visitor from Tokyo 


At the beginning of March, we were visited by a young lady from Tokyo called Yuzuki who stayed with us for two weeks. For her first week in Edinburgh, we had arranged for her to visit our local primary school to introduce Japan to the children there. After lunch for four days in a row Yuzuki went over the road and took classes for about two hours.


This picture was taken when Yuzuki prepared to teach some little ones how to make origami samurai helmets and tsuru. The children loved it all and very quickly Yuzuki was a star. We had children hanging around our front door some evenings and one day a neighbour's little girl invited her over to continue chatting to her about......I don't know what! Each day Yuzuki returned home with tales about the children and how they asked her lots of questions about Japan and her life as a student there in Tokyo. She found teaching style very different and was really impressed at how mature the questions were as well as how eager each class was to learn about Japan. Yuzuki said she was going to go home and learn more about what it means to be Japanese and this can only be good for her. We were delighted to hear this.


Yuzuki had a real sweet tooth and loved to try all the different desserts and puddings available here. There was always a little room left for an extra helping=she loved what Kayoko cooked for her and also enjoyed baking scones one day and and then having them with real West Country clotted cream for afternoon tea afterwards (I like it very much too). She did a good job at baking and I think she will go home and try to do the same for her family.


Here's Yuziki in another lesson she gave about Japan. The children loved how she introduced writing in Japanese to them and the teachers were also very impressed by her writing the names of every child (in katakana) in the school. She was an excellent "ambassador" and I am sure her visits will in time have a great influence on some of the children. The school were delighted with her visits.


One day Yuzuki made a mini-bus trip up into the Highlands with a small group of other tourists- they came from Europe, USA, and other parts of Asia. Luckily, Yuzuki was the only Japanese in the group. As the picture shows, I think the driver, a young teacher at a language school in Edinburgh, enjoyed the company of a pretty girl! Over the day trip, Yuzuki also made friends with a young student from France who lived in Germany and I think they plan to continue writing to each other. One of the best things about travelling to other countries is meeting people with different understandings about what life is all about and making friends with them; Yuzuki certainly experienced this not only with the visits she had to our local school but by also becoming friends with a student from another country. In this way, I hope she feels the two weeks she spent with us was a success for her and that, although short, it has moved her understanding on a little about what is essential in becoming a good speaker of a second language. If this is so, it is also a great success for us too. Well done.


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