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Summer in the city 


It's been really lovely for most of the past few weeks. We decided to go clear up our back yard, plant a few new shrubs and generally sort it out after five years of neglect. We went off to Dobies, a great garden centre that is a day out by itself even if you don't buy anything.


Kayoko and I bought what we thought would look good, put the plants in the back of the car and returned to the small restaurant to have an afternoon tea in the strong sunshine. It felt more like a quick visit to an Andalucian cafe than one just down the road from our house.


Here am I in a set of shorts-not a regular sight for me! The weather isn't usually as hot as it was the day we went but it seems as if I have worn these shorts almost as much as I used to when I was in Nagoya last summer. Maybe I brought a little of the heat with me when I returned in April. Long may it continue.


If anyone is interested in horticulture and is coming to stay with us then a trip to Dobies just outside Edinburgh, only 20 minutes fro our house is well worth considering.

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